Nominations Open for School-Business Partnership Award

The Indiana Chamber Foundation is accepting nominations for its second annual School Counseling-Business Partnership of the Year award, highlighting the collaborative efforts between employers and educators to better prepare students for college and careers.

The award, presented in partnership with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, is open to all Indiana high schools and employers (must be located in Indiana). Nomination letters must include the name of the high school and employer and describe how the partnership has led to better preparation of students for college and career success.

In addition, a $1,000 scholarship will be given to a high school senior who has shown exceptional progress in college and career readiness because of the school counseling-business partnership.

The 2017 inaugural award was presented to Hobart High School and St. Mary’s Medical Center. Read more about that partnership here. The winning partnership will be announced at the 12th annual Indiana INTERNnet IMPACT Awards luncheon on February 7.

Nominations should be submitted to Shelley Huffman at by Friday, January 12.


Lessons Outside the Classroom Still Apply

I read a lot — too much for work and not enough for pleasure, but that’s another story. In fact, at least some of the “work” reading proves quite interesting, including this Ragan post on high school lessons that hold true in the workplace.

Here’s the intro, followed by the seven lessons. Click the link at the bottom of this post for the full story.

High schools get a lot of criticism for the way graduates are prepared (or not) for the rigors of the real world. Nowhere does that lack of preparation get highlighted more than in the workplace. But you’d be surprised how much happens in your average high school that’s related to the working world.

High school can teach us plenty of lessons about how to win friends and influence people professionally. Here are seven shining examples that prove what goes on in high school hallways isn’t that different from what’s happening around the water cooler.

  • Fake it until you make it
  • Tardiness isn’t tolerated
  • Don’t be a mean girl
  • Prank at your own risk
  • Where you sit matters
  • Jump in and have some fun
  • Focus on what you love

Intrigued? Check out the full explanations.