Indiana Would Be Hit Hard by NAFTA Pullout

The U.S. Chamber recently released its analysis of which states would be most harmed from a NAFTA withdrawal.

Unfortunately, Indiana would be among the Top 10 most hard hit states, with more than 250,000 Hoosier jobs put at risk.

On top of that, nearly half of Indiana’s exports are destined for customers in Canada and Mexico, generating more than $16 billion in export revenue. Indiana’s farmers and ranchers would also suffer a blow, particularly those with soybean crops exported to Mexico.

No Hoosier Reps in New Rural Solutions Group

If you’re in the minority in politics and don’t agree with the majority (pretty much a given), what do you do? One option growing in popularity is to form your own coalition.

Farmers and ranchers are coming out on the short end of Obama administration reforms, according to the latest coming together of elected officials — the "Rural America Solutions Group" formed by 17 House Republicans in Congress. No members of the Indiana delegation are part of the new initiative.

Frank Lucas (Oklahoma, ranking member of the House Agriculture committee) said the new power brokers in Washington have "proven to be the most unfriendly administration to farmers and ranchers in recent history." He cited efforts to "force all farmers to release their tax returns before receiving support payments." 

Others announcing the new group: House Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio), and ag committee members Doc Hastings (Washington) and Sam Graves (Missouri).

It will be interesting to see the results.