Tech Talk: Catching Up on Some Conversations


Two of the focus areas of the Indiana Chamber’s EchoChamber podcast are education and technology. Both take center stage in the early months of 2018.

Two conversations – with Marian University President Dan Elsener and WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber – are available now. Three more to come feature Trine University President Earl Brooks (January 30), Salesforce Marketing Cloud CEO Bob Stutz (date to be scheduled) and South Bend’s Rich Carlton, president and COO of Data Realty (February 27).

Innovation is one of the themes that carries throughout these discussions. Elsener was greeted with a great deal of skepticism when he announced plans to start a medical school at the private Indianapolis university. Its first graduates came in 2017. That is among a variety of initiatives that has Marian well on the way to doubling in size by 2025.

WGU Indiana brought a new online, competency-based approach when it became the state’s eighth public university in 2010. It offers an avenue for working students (80% are employed full time) to advance their skills and earn bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Trine has expanded its academic and athletic offerings, with significant growth both geographically and in enrollment.

Stutz has touted Indiana’s tech environment since his arrival in 2016. Carlton is passionate about data management and community development. We know you will enjoy their insights and getting to know them a little better.

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Does Data and Information Management Seem Too Daunting?

If so, this new August 22 webinar — presented by Lisa J. Berry-Tayman, Esq., CIPP of Information Consulting — may help.

You may not give much thought to your data management. It’s an IT issue, right? Well, no. As the decision-maker, it is your job to determine how to manage the massive amounts of information accumulated by your business, from personnel records to financial information to inspection/structural documents and everything in between. The amount of data we have created and consumed has more than doubled annually over the past five years. This data, if not properly maintained, used, preserved and disposed of can cost your company millions in fines, litigation and lost work:

In 2012, an Indiana organization experienced a breach involving 20,000 records. At an average cost of $214 per record compromised, this breach cost the company over $4,000,000.

In a recent criminal action, the U.S. Dept. of Justice initiated charges against an employee for deliberately deleting 100 text messages between him and his supervisor in response to a possible litigation connection; that employee faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

According to a recent Gartner study, the average organization loses $8.2 million annually because employees lack the necessary information to effectively perform on the job.

Improper information control by an organization can be more costly and reputation-damaging than a human resources claim. Don’t put your company at risk – register today.