No Business Like Snow Business

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So you were wondering which cities have the highest average snowfall totals and how many snowplows they possess per square mile? You weren't? Oh well, here we go anyway. The point is that some of the snowiest places have far less equipment than some of their warmer weather counterparts.

Average snowfall total:

  • Buffalo, 93.6 inches (1.66 snowplows per square mile)
  • Duluth, Minnesota, 80.7 inches (0.64)
  • Cleveland, 56.9 inches (1.92)
  • Calgary, 53.3 inches (0.44)
  • Toronto, 52.4 inches (2.35)

Further down the list are some big cities with less snow and more plows. It's quite possible these major metro mayors realize their political futures could depend on how well those streets get cleaned. And the Buffaloes of the world certainly understand how to deal with the annual winter blasts they receive.

  • Chicago, 38.5 inches (2.22 snowplows per square mile)
  • New York, 28.4 inches (7.37)
  • Philadelphia, 20.5 inches (2.59)
  • Washington, D.C., 16.6 inches (3.60)


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