Inside the Numbers (Part I)

This will serve as the first installment of taking a look inside some of the numbers that helped shape this election:

  • Senate Republicans were not competitive in any Democratic controlled seats. The closest race in a Democratic controlled seat was SD40, where Vi Simpson won by 23,471 votes, or 40%.
  • The closest Senate race was decided by 3,909 votes.
  • 22 House races were decided by less than 3,909 votes.
  • The closest House race was decided by 114 votes.
  • 11 House races were decided by less than a 10% winning margin.
  • 6 House races were decided by less than 500 votes.
  • The 10 closest House races were decided by an average of 699 votes or 2.8%.
  • In the 66 contested House races, Democratic candidates received 3,974 more votes than Republican candidates for a 0.2% difference.

Keep checking for updated Election Reports.  We have just posted update #4.

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