Chamber Fighting Job Killers at Statehouse

As the 2009 Indiana legislative session rolls on and more and more Hoosiers find themselves without employment, we’d like to present the list of bills that we’re labelling "job killers." These bills are simply bad for business and employees in the Hoosier State.

Here’s the list that includes the bill’s number, title and author (we’ll attach our full Legislative Agenda at the end of the post):

  • HB 1014 Age Discrimination (V. Smith)
  • HB 1024 Family Leave Small Employers (Day)
  • HB 1057 Collective Bargaining for Public Employees (Kersey)
  • HB 1162 Environmental Permits and Local Government (Tyler)
  • HB 1167 Actions Based Upon Exposure to Hazardous Substances (Tyler)
  • HB 1183 Collective Bargaining for State Employees (Blanton)
  • HB 1207 Nutritional Information at Food Establishments (C. Brown)
  • HB 1272 Illegal Immigration (Pelath)
  • HB 1273 Local Major Moves Construction Funds (Pelath)
  • HB 1299 Payment to Health Providers Without Contracts (Welch)
  • HB 1338 Incentives Provided by IEDC (Pelath)
  • HB 1353 Employee Personal Leave (Dvorak)
  • HB 1371 Paid Breaks and Sick Leave for Employees (Blanton)
  • HB 1382 Insurance Coverage for Clinical Trials (Welch)
  • HB 1461 Collective Bargaining for School Employees (Kersey)
  • HB 1488 Unauthorized Aliens (Eberhart)
  • HB 1492 Environmental Litigation Expenses Compensation (Fry)
  • HB 1495 Lead in Children’s Products (VanDenburgh)
  • HB 1548 Variable Local Option Income Taxes (Thompson)
  • HB 1549 Elimination of Property Taxes (Thompson)
  • HB 1621 Broadband Deployment Council (Pierce)
  • HB 1656 State and Local Highway Funding (Austin)
  • HB 1674 Repeal of Valuation Method for Certain Property (V. Smith)
  • HB 1679 Human Toxic Exposure Program (Dvorak)
  • SB 36 Renewable Energy Standards (Lanane)
  • SB 75 Payment to Health Providers WIthout Contracts (Gard)
  • SB 314 State Economic Development Incentives (Errington)
  • SB 347 Coverage for Care Related to Clinical Trials for Cancer (Gard)
  • SB 372 Unauthorized Immigration Matters (Kruse)
  • SB 428 Parental Leave for School Conferences (Errington)
  • SB 431 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices (Paul)
  • SB 437 Coverage for Cancer Chemotherapy (Becker/Lawson)
  • SB 456 Local Enforcement of Environmental Laws (Lanane/Deig/Breaux)
  • SB 467 Enforcement Wage Requirements (Mrvan)
  • SB 468 Merchant’s Collection Allowance (Mrvan)
  • SB 474 Local Sales Taxes (Stutzman)
  • SB 513 Homestead Property Taxes and Sales/Use Taxes (M. Young)
  • SB 540 Consumer Commodities (Simpson)
  • SB 541 Various Tax Matters (Hershman)
  • SJR 1 Circuit Breakers and Other Property Tax Matters (Kenley)
  • SJR 3 Homesteads Exempt from Property Tax (M. Young)
  • SJR 8 Constitutional Amendment on Circuit Breaker (Mrvan)

As promised, here is our 2009 Legislative Agenda. The agenda illustrates summaries of each bill (as some bill titles can be deceptive), and why we oppose or support the measure.

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